The VCTM Board at the 2022 ATMNE Conference (hosted in Killington, VT)

Meet the Board of VCTM! Who we are:

We are a passionate group of K-12 & university mathematics educators as well as industry leaders that wish to honor the mission of VCTM while also playing a central role in providing a wealth of opportunity for teachers and students of mathematics to learn outside of the classroom. Scroll below to learn more about what we do, where we hail from, and what inspires us to do this work.

Co-President, Conference Co-Chair, Zone 6 Representative: Steven Ushakov

 Treasurer, Math Fair Director, Zone 5 Representative: Kendra Christiana

NCSM/NCTM Representative, Vendor Chair, & Zone 8 Representative: Ali Kennedy 

Diversity Representative, Conference Co-Chair, Zone 5 Representative: Michelle Page

Communications Director, Membership Chair, & Higher Ed Representative: Gillian Galle 

+ Many others! 

Our Journey into Mathematics Education:

I earned my math teaching certification through the TAP program at Champlain College. After that I taught at U-32 High School for 5 years. I changed jobs following a family move and now teach at Harwood High School as the STEM teacher. (Kendra Christiana)

I was about to graduate with an MS in Applied Math from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) when I discovered mathematics education was its own field of study. (I saw a flier for a conference in Greece that welcomed proposals in pure mathematics or mathematics education...) I then pursued a PhD in Mathematics Education at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and fell in love with teaching mathematics (to undergraduate students) all over again! (Gillian Galle)

My love for math started in high school. The right teacher will bring out the best in you and your strengths will shine! (Ali Kennedy)

I began teaching in Santa Ana, CA with 42 students in a classroom and nearly all of them speaking Spanish. Returned to Vermont in 2004 to start our family. I achieved National Board Certification in 2012, 2015 PAEMST Awardee, 2017 Vermont State Teacher of the Year, 2018-19 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship. It was the Einstein Fellowship that shifted my focus from mathematics to STEM education. Now I am running for State Representative to pass legislation to address recruitment and retention of Vermont's public educators. (Kate McCann)

I have always taught math (and a little science). I have been fortunate to receive local, state and national awards for math teaching. Even though I am technically retired, I can't stop teaching. (Jean McKenny)

After earning my Bachelors of Science in Secondary Mathematics from the University of Vermont thirty years ago, I began my mathematics teaching career at Stowe Middle School. I followed my Bachelors with a Masters of Science for Teachers from the University of New Hampshire and I moved my classroom from the middle school to the high school in Stowe. For the last six years, I have been a Math Instructional Coach, first at Stowe Middle High School and most recently at Stowe Elementary School. Additionally, I have taught graduate courses, participated in peer review for the Vermont Agency of Education, become an active member of the Vermont Council Teachers of Mathematics, and begun a Post Graduate Certificate program through Vermont Mathematics Initiative and Southern New Hampshire University. (Kaaren Meyer)

Michelle became a math teacher after struggling herself for many years. She has worked at BUHS for 12 years, where she teaches Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus. She was a member of the Better Math Teaching Network for five years, where she focused on student engagement and selecting meaningful and rich tasks. (Michelle Page)

My Calculus I & II teacher during my first two semesters at the University of Vermont opened my eyes to the beauty of mathematics and its intersection with computer science. I later became a writing tutor at the campus library and decided shortly after to pursue teaching mathematics, enrolling in the UVM MAT program after receiving my B.S. in Mathematics. I was placed at U-32 for student-teaching which is where I now teach! (Steven Ushakov)

Our Full VCTM Board:

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