Our Mission: 

Building a math educators community, by facilitating conversation and sharing resources around best practices to engage student learning throughout the state of Vermont while strengthening connections with state and national organizations.

Your membership makes possible:
  • organization of an annual statewide conference where mathematics teachers can share classroom activities and instructional practices with one another.
  • an annual math fair for all interested K-12 students in Vermont.
  • regional Math Morsels meetings for teachers to meet, discuss topics of interest, and share ideas. 
  • eNewsletters and social media that keep teachers informed.
  • recognition of math teachers in the state with Rookie of the Year awards and support for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.
  • the opportunity to influence legislation that could impact national policy through our association with NCTM (the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), NCSM (the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics), and ATMNE (the Association for Teachers of Mathematics in New England).
  • every 6 or 7 years: hosting the ATMNE conference, this great regional math conference right here in Vermont! (Coming in 2021!)

OFFICERS, Zone representatives, Appointments:

Co-Presidents: Lara White and Jacie Kendrew 

(term expires Oct. 2021)

Co-President-Elect: Lara White and Emily Greaves

Secretary: Leslie Sem (term expires Oct. 2020)

Treasurer: Steven Ushakov (term expires Oct. 2021)

Zone 1 Rep (St. Albans Area):

Anita Long (term expires Oct. 2020)

Zone 2 Rep (NEK):

Jean McKenny, Heidi Whipple (term expires Oct. 2020)

Zone 3 Rep (Burlington Area):

Leslie Sem, Monica Wood (term expires Oct. 2020)

Zone 4 Rep (Montpelier Area):

Kaaren Meyer, Paige Emory (term expires Oct. 2020)

Zone 5 Rep (North of Rutland):

Kendra Chrisitiana (term expires Oct. 2020)

Zone 6 Rep (Springfield Area): open

Zone 7 Rep (Brattleboro Area):

Erin Hilow, Michelle Page (term expires 2020)

Zone 8 Rep (South of Rutland): 

Patty Ryan and Ali Kennedy (term expires Oct. 2020)

NCTM/NCSM Rep: Kaaren Meyer (term expires Oct. 2021)

ATMNE Reps:  Lara White and Emily Greaves (term expires Oct. 2020)

Higher Education Rep: Gillian Galle (term expires Oct. 2021)

Membership: Kaaren Meyer (appointed)

Communication: Jacie Kendrew (appointed)

2020 Fall Conference Chair: Emily Greaves (appointed)

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