"Fall in Love with Math" - the theme of the 2022 ATMNE Conference hosted by VCTM in Killington, VT

Our Mission: 

Building a math educators community, by facilitating conversation and sharing resources around best practices to engage student learning throughout the state of Vermont while strengthening connections with state and national organizations.

What we do (for our members & communities):
  • produce an annual statewide conference where mathematics teachers and industry leaders can engage in meaningful professional learning. 
  • produce an annual statewide math fair to all ALL K-12 math students to demonstrate their mathematics proficiency in a non-traditional way. 
  • offer professional learning opportunities throughout the calendar year, both regionally and virtually, including but not limited to: book chats, workshops, & math morsels. 
  • disseminate eNewsletters and regular social media updates to keep members apprised of the wealth of opportunities available to math teachers and students in state, region, & beyond!
  • recognize the commitment and exemplary craft of K-12 math teachers in Vermont with Rookie of the Year awards as well as directly support teacher candidacy for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.
  • maintain the opportunity to influence legislation that could impact national policy through our association with NCTM (the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), NCSM (the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics), and ATMNE (the Association for Teachers of Mathematics in New England).
  • every 6 or 7 years: host the ATMNE conference in Vermont! 

What is VCTM doing this school year (2023-24)?

Check out our "humble checklist" to get a sense of our goals, priorities, and commitments for the next twelve months, effective August 2023:

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